Fruche Yoghurt

Television Commercial
Miniature French Chateau / Garden Design and Set Build.

Fruche is a yoghurt that sounds as though it is French, so an orchard in the grounds of a French chateau was dreamt up to sell it.

The camera drifted and floated through and above this lush, magical studio environment which was constructed in miniature. The Chateau would have been 2.5 m high. Some foreground elements were real size – others one tenth or one fifth scale.

Macrae & Way Production Company

Magnum White

Television Commercial
A white set created for Streets’ new ‘white’ premium ice-cream.

3 Mobile: Ashes

Television Commercial
Creative for the 3 Mobile sponsored Cricket series against England in 2006.

Raw Deal

Feature Film
Does an Australian ‘Western’ count? Of course it does! Six-shooters and panoramic vistas abound in this classic Australian frontier tale.

Dead Easy

Feature Film
Before Two Hands there was Dead Easy. Story and performances aside, the grimy New York-esque aesthetic seething through this Kings Cross underbelly-tickler is palpable.

Mr Reliable

Feature Film
A small settlement of 3 houses and gardens was built in the shadow of an old power station on the Brisbane River. These modest houses were also the interior sets for the film; overlooking a large paddock where later a massive crowd of spectators was to gather and camp out to watch a house and family under siege. Set in 1968 and based on a true Australian yarn.

Ring of Endless Light

Feature Film
America’s enduring teenage novel brought to the screen by Disney. The North Carolina island mansion and grounds were designed and built on the waters’ edge of Brisbane’s Moreton Bay.

Future Tense

A police drama set in 2040 investigating DNA theft, and another foray into the future. An exciting design exercise to research and use the most contemporary objects available at the time, and to find out what futurologists, and our own team thought would be happening, and how things might look in 35 years time. Shot on location and at Fox Studios in Sydney, utilizing state of the art cmc modeling techniques. A thoroughly modern exercise.

Fatal Contact

Television Feature
A Sony Pictures television feature about a worldwide bird-flu pandemic shot entirely in Auckland New Zealand. Chinese, East Coast American, Russian and Cambodian sets were created with a brilliant art department crew, many of who were fresh from working on King Kong…